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Clarinet Price Guide

Complete Re-pad/Overhaul - Bb / A from £195.00

Full Service - Bb / A from £95.00

Checkover and adjust from £35.00

Other repairs from £15.00


An estimation of repair cost can be given on inspection, without obligation.

General Repairs:

General repairs, such as accidental damage, dents, loose joints and broken springs undertaken. Please phone to make an appointment. Prices quoted before work commences. Minimum charge £15.00

Check-over and Adjust:

Check over instrument, re-seat pads as necessary, set up action, test. N.B. This level of repair is generally only possible on newer instruments and those in good condition.

Full Service:

Disassemble instrument, clean body and key-work, oil bore, straighten bent keywork re-seat pads, check corks and springs, re-assemble, lubricate and regulate to good playing order.

Overhaul / Re-pad:

Disassemble instrument, remove excess wear in key-work, clean key-work, clean main body, replace all pads (and springs as necessary), seat pads throughout, renew all corks and felts, refit tenons as appropriate, lubricate, set up action, test.

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